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Latinx Shakespeares Blog

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Adapting Austen: Sense and Sensibility and From Prada to Nada

June 13, 2023

Revisting the 2011 film, From Prada to Nada, a Latinx adaptation of Jane Austen's novel, set in Los Angeles.


Latinos Performing Shakespeare: The Golden Girls Episode

April 29, 2023

My thoughts on re-watching The Golden Girls episode that has a Cuban boxer reciting, "Hath not a Cuban eyes?"


The Globe of the Great Southwest

March 7, 2023

Guest essayist, Yvette Chairez, writes about The Globe of the Great Southwest in Odessa, Texas. It opened in the 1960s and remains an active theater today.


Latinas and Shakespeare in the 1970s

February 20, 2023

Following the death of Raquel Welch last week, and the passing of Irene Cara last November, I devote this blog to Latinas who intersected with Shakespeare in the 1970s.


Latinx Shakespeares in the United Kingdom

January 10, 2023

For my first blog, I write about Latinx Shakespeares in the UK.

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