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The Comedy of Errors / La Comedia de Equivocaciones

By: Joe Falocco

Translation by: Luis Astrana Marín, modernized by David Navarro

Texas State University (San Marcos, TX)


Texas State University

2015 – directed by Joe Falocco

2017 – directed by Joe Falocco

2019 – directed by Jerry Ruiz



The Comedy of Errors / La Comedia de Equivocaciones



This bilingual adaptation of Shakespeare’s play was staged at Texas State University in 2015, 2017, and 2019. The 2017 production was funded by an NEA Challenge America grant. This adaptation had a Caribbean setting and was a thinly veiled comment on relations between the United States and Cuba. In this version, all the characters from Syracuse spoke English and all those from Ephesus spoke Spanish.  One performer played both Antipholi and another both Dromios, shifting from English to Spanish depending on which twin was being represented at the moment. Julio Mella played the Antipholi in both 2015 and 2017. Eva McQuade played the Dromios in 2015, and Sergio Alvarado played these roles in 2017. Jerry Ruiz directed a company of Texas State students in the 2019 production, with Gabriel Itzcoatl Luera participating as a guest artist in the role of Duke Solinus.

The script was adapted by Joe Falocco, who also directed both productions. The Spanish text was based on Luis Astrana Marín’s 1929 Iberian translation. This Spanish dialogue was lightly modernized and “Americanized” by David Navarro, who served as dramaturg.






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JUNE 2022

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