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Check out the April blog about The Golden Girls episode with a Latino character performing Shakespeare. 

Welcome to the first online archive of Latinx theatrical adaptation.

LatinxShakespeares.Org is an archive that includes reviews and ephemera from over 180 Latinx-authored and/or Latinx-themed Shakespearean productions and adaptations and over 90 Latinx-authored and/or Latinx-themed adaptations of other western classics staged in the United States over the last seventy-five years. 

This archive is intended for artists and researchers, and anyone who is interested in theatre history and art-making.

The archive is best viewed on a screen and is not fully available by mobile.

Latinx Shakespeares was built, created, and is run by Carla Della Gatta, PhD, a theatre historian and performance theorist who has researched the intersections of Shakespeare and Latinidad since 2010. She works with theaters and artists on staging ethnic and bilingual classical theatre.

Latinx Shakespeares

Current & Upcoming Shows

The Comedy of Errors  by Rebecca Martínez and Julián Mesri

(dir. Rebecca Martínez) 

The Public Mobile Unit (New York, NY)

May 2 - June 11, 2023

The production will be on tour from May 2-21, with performances at The Public from May 25 - June 11.

The Comedy of Errors

This bilingual musical adaptation has songs in English and Spanish. The Public's Mobile Unit performs in all five boroughs of New York.

Shakespeare St. Louis Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

(dir. Lisa Portes

Shakespeare St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)

May 31 - June 25, 2023

Shakespeare St. Louis sets this production of Twelfth Night in contemporary Miami, with Viola and Sebastian as Cuban refugees.

Sound design and original music by David R. Molina, scenic design by Regina García, and costume design by Danielle Nieves.

Death of a Salesman  by Arthur Miller

(dir. Robert Beltran)

CASA0101 Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

June 9 - July 16, 2023

CASA0101 Theater in Boyle Heights hosted a reading of the play in January this year. They will stage a production in June. Josefina López is founder and artistic director, and CASA0101 hosts a range of cultural events and arts education for the community.

Death of a Salesman
Courtesy of CASA0101 Theater

Waiting for Godínez  by Daniel A. Olivas

(dir. Andrea Goldman)

IATI - Theater Todo Vanguardia (New York, NY)

June 9, 2023

Olivas reimagines Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, with characters Isabel and Jesús waiting for a man named Godínez. The staged reading is part of the Cimientos Play Development series.

Olivas is an author and attorney, and he has written ten books including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.

Shane by Karen Zacarías

(dir. Blake Robison)

Guthrie Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

July 15 - August 27, 2023

Karen Zacarías reimagines Jack Schaefer's 1949 novel, Shane, (made into a film in 1953). Zacarías creates a new version of this Old West mythology, with "the Starretts as a Latino family and Shane as the son of a Cuban slave."

Shane by Karen Zacarías

Available Books

This book includes essays and interviews from 25 playwrights, actors, scholars, dramaturgs, and directors who work at the intersections of Shakespeare and Latinx theatrical production.

It is available at all major online booksellers in hardcover and ebook. In February 2023, it went to paperback. Use code NEW30 for 30% off from Edinburgh University Press.

Latinx Shakespeares, the monograph, explores how Latinx culture is constructed dramaturgically and textually in recent Shakespearean adaptations and productions.

It is available at all major online booksellers.

Use code UMS23 for 30% off from University of Michigan Press.

It is also available for FREE to download. Hit the button below.

LatinxShakespeares.Org is a non-profit site.
This is an online, living, and growing archive of Latinx Theatre Adaptation. 

Please credit all artists and scholars appropriately.

Please cite the archive in your dramaturgical and scholarly research.

All images and ephemera have been posted with permission from theaters and artists.

They may not be reproduced or re-posted without permission.

I built and paid for this site myself because of my love for theatre and theatre-makers.

I will be managing it as editor and adding to it each month.

All donations go to maintenance of the site.

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